Poem -

Love and I

Lost in Love

Love and I

Love and I
Love and I were once part of The same song
Flowing through endless Melodies of emotions
Together we danced to the Melodies only pure hearts Could understand
Love and i were insperable Our hands intertwined 
Love took me for a ride of Unimaginable bliss
Turns and twists yet my heart Still kept its grip
Love captured me over and Over again even
With strong tides in a wave he Carried me keeping me a drift
Love shattered my hopes and Dreams 
Came back as a vision my knight and shining armour to Save me
Yet time could not allow it his Soul could not accept it
Love needed more time to Grow into the love i know to The love once we need a love Stronger than before in a time Were love was not just a word
Love kept you safe
love helped you grow
Love made it all worth the fight to keep on going
Love and I now seem lost
Unable to allow another Inside
Comparisons are not Hindering me
Whats missing for me is Whats inside
Love and I are like perfect strangers
I hope and pray on love to re-enter and stay forever once more

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Tony Taylor

The pain of Lost Love VERY well expressed in poetic prose...... Although it is quite sad it is a truly compelling read!!........ALL STARS!!...... well done B.B!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.........T xo.  : )


Thank you so much for the compliment, when I wrote it I was actually releasing the sadness!!!😍💖

Jeffrey Durrance

  I felt your sadness in your words. To write and have your readers feel your emotional content is truly a gift. Keep giving your gift. Remember to love yourself and then you will never be hurt by others, only disappointed by their lack of ability to love someone who  truly knows how to love.


Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I love when someone feels what I write.😍