Poem -

Love and I

Lost in Love

Love and I

Love and I
Love and I were once part of The same song
Flowing through endless Melodies of emotions
Together we danced to the Melodies only pure hearts Could understand
Love and i were insperable Our hands intertwined 
Love took me for a ride of Unimaginable bliss
Turns and twists yet my heart Still kept its grip
Love captured me over and Over again even
With strong tides in a wave he Carried me keeping me a drift
Love shattered my hopes and Dreams 
Came back as a vision my knight and shining armour to Save me
Yet time could not allow it his Soul could not accept it
Love needed more time to Grow into the love i know to The love once we need a love Stronger than before in a time Were love was not just a word
Love kept you safe
love helped you grow
Love made it all worth the fight to keep on going
Love and I now seem lost
Unable to allow another Inside
Comparisons are not Hindering me
Whats missing for me is Whats inside
Love and I are like perfect strangers
I hope and pray on love to re-enter and stay forever once more

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Tony Taylor

The pain of Lost Love VERY well expressed in poetic prose...... Although it is quite sad it is a truly compelling read!!........ALL STARS!!...... well done B.B!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.........T xo.  : )


Thank you so much for the compliment, when I wrote it I was actually releasing the sadness!!!😍💖