Poem -

Ma jane.

Ma jane.

My story has never been yours
or told 

look at me in passing 
like drying  leaves in falling

So many lines
of age
my face
or something real to tell

To every path
a wrinkle
My mystery told
Undone or seen of time left behind

My days and days in pain
of life to live

A struggle then to keep
a sanity of love

a wondering soul of wars
and ways 

To family's lost to love

I must not die
in this. ..Now.

I pray ....i held my heart to other lives....within
now my wrinkles
show my Soul

Of God's​​​ path in gifts
of wisdom struggles....neverending


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Lorris Morris

Thank you,girl...liliana...wow i am so,happy now as no one really like my stuff.


terry terri ZO

i read your stuff but im not great with comments-i loved this-
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Lorris Morris

Of wisdom struggles...neverending
Of God's path in gifts
Show my Soul

I pray
I held my heart to others life...within 
Now my wrinkles holds

I must not die in this.
To family lost...to love

A wondering Soul of ways and wars.
A struggle then to keep my sanity 
Of LoVe.

My days of days in pain
Of life to live.

Undone or seen
Of time left behind

My mystery told

A wrinkle...
To every Path
Or something real to tell
On my face of age...so many lines

Like dying leaves in falling
Look at me in passing.

My story have never been yours
Or Told.