Poem -



O’ mariner sail a sea
Her scent spake to thee,
Comely waters guide
Thundering by thy side

A ship stoutly stern
Waves flounder and churn
Sail with me,
On an opulent sea

Hailing courageously true
Braveheart deeply blue
Mine Mistress Sea
Enchantress bids thee

Sirens of murky deep
Sailors akin to sheep
Demoted to algae sand
Ne'er again to see dry land

A watery grave for thee
A gift from an opulent sea
She shall reap and sow
Fodder for serfs far below

She be in thy veins
Thou courage reigns
Briny tears fill a sea,
O’ how she yearns for thee

Stormy tis a brake
Thine soul at stake
Bewitching thee
Come sail her majesty

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Liian Varus

Is this the unofficial sequel to "Sirens"? LOL! Definitely worthy to be so. Hell, it's better than the orginial! Shucks! Way to go! You did it! Double shucks!



The sea and all the fairytales are my biggest inspirations. Your support is most appreciated. I absolutely love your musings. You are so gifted. Thank you kindly 

John Coggins

Love it!!! The majesty of the sea! A true wonder, brilliantly done!☺