Poem -

Make A Promise

Make A Promise

Make A Promise

My mind is like a land
With my thoughts being ash
That drift and sigh
Whenever I doubt myself.

Year after year
I make a new promise
It is not flattering
To break a pledge

But is it not better to use those years
to learn more about the intricate ways that make you, you
Than to change the you that will not change
By sheer will?

Doubting doubt
Is the biggest challenge you will ever have to face
But you must rise
Strength is in your blood and it will never leave
Start doubting doubt.


Tehmina Usman

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sarah harry

beautiful, the only promises i break are the ones i make to myself i would never make a promise to someone if i can't keep it
but i lack self confidence so i doubt doubt 

Tehmina Usman

The line that talks about “doubting doubt” is actually supposed to mean that as an individual you shouldn’t believe what your doubt tells you, within reason. However, it’s intetesting to hear your interpretation of it and I thank you for your nice comments, as always! 

Tehmina xo