Poem -

Meeting Love

Meeting Love

"Are you Okay, M?" 
I've met love. 
"You mean you've met the love of your life?" 
No...I've met love itself...and it's beautiful...it's like walking into the sun...

The sun began it's warm descent 
O'er bluegirls where the river bent 
A place where time is quite unknown 
A time to meet a love that's grown 

A gentle breeze did softly blow, 
'Cross waters where the sun did glow 
And as I strode just touching ground, 
An ivory dove's sweet song did sound 

I gathered at the grassy knoll, 
And felt a flicker in my soul 
And all ado of life was peace, 
As angels on a clouded fleece 

The moon, it filled the spot of sol, 
Just as a glowing, China doll 
And as I gazed across the brook, 
The breath within my lungs she took

I'd met her on a wordy dream, 
Where beauty lie in rhyming scheme 
And though her words had painted grace, 
Her presence outbid time and space 

We'd spoke about a love so true, 
Where every thought of mine was you 
We promised we would transcend time, 
And ever scale love's endless climb 

I rose, and gazed into her eyes, 
Like azure seas in twilight skies 
And all the throes of life did cease, 
As I beheld God's masterpiece 

And now I write with majesty, 
The bloomings of our fantasy 
And all the world is but a part, 
Of wonders in our single heart.  


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Lorris Morris

I like this....love it too....nicely done..all yours.Excellent.

A Lonely Journey

Hi Lorris! 
Thank you so much, my friend. You know you were, I think, the first person to ever comment on my ramblings when I came on here, and kept me going...I bet you regret that, huh? LOL. Kidding...but I bet a lot of other people are angry with you! lol. 
Sorry I haven't had more time to check out too much great poetry on here, but will check out your new poem when I get a chance. 

PS. I like the way your names rhyme, it's so me(I rhyme everything). lol. 
Have a great day! 

Cherie Leigh

Hi Matt...This is beautiful and full of hope and love's wonderment.  You created such lovely romantic imagery of that place where lover's meet in perfect time and place...or like the metaphorical description of love itself.  Do not ever doubt your writing abilities, my friend, because you have such perfect rhyme and flow and content of original phrases.  It felt magical!  Thank you for sharing your gifts.  Even your yak friends would be so impressed with your ability to express love.  You deserve the best!  xo Love n Hugs, Cheerie  ;)

A Lonely Journey

You're the greatest fan ever! Thank you! If I could come through this screen I would hug the bejeezers out of you. Sometimes other people wicked inspire us, and we(me) write legibly at least. 
As far as the yaks, they panned it horribly, but I blocked them in rebuttal...then they kicked me, so it was an injurous type of poem, but thank you for including them. ; ) 



A Lonely Journey

What the heck stinks in here??!! Oh, it's Matt's poetry! 
Man, that makes us smell like some rose bushes! Keep writing Matt, the pain in our eyeballs is greatly reduced by the odor transference you've created. 



Some Yaks. 

RRG (Rebecca)

So beautiful. Verse is not easy to do, but you do it well. Love the lyrical journey and the natural flow of imagery. "The breath within my lungs she took", very romantic. A joy to read. 

A Lonely Journey

Hi Rebecca, 
Thank you so much! I don't really know the different terms regarding poetry, I just rhyme everything, and hope it sounds good, but I really appreciate your kind words, and your taking the time to comment. You're very nice. And now I know which genre(or writing style) to pick when I'm posting something. So, thank you for reading, and it's really nice to hear from someone who writes as well as you do.