Poem -


We live in the country, out in the sticks
And we share our house with mice
It’s not a problem, the cat has ticks
And all the kids have lice

But one thing really annoys me
Although our larder is rich in
Gorgonzola, Cheddar, and Brie
There are no mice in our kitchen

They're in the lounge and the red room
They climb the stairs, run along the landing
And scratch around in the bedroom
But I’m just not understanding

Why they don’t like our food
When they eat the neighbours alright
And I don’t mean to be rude
But the neighbour’s grub is shite

I bet your thinking, what's wrong with him?
Why does he make this fuss?
Who wants mice in their kitchen?
A mouse free kitchen is a plus

Well, don’t think I’m ungrateful
But I keep wondering why
The neighbour has a kitchenful
But ours are kitchen shy

I’ve tried tempting them with rice
Quality cheeses and pies to die for
But these fussy, finicky mice
Prefer the food next door

Dedicated to my beautiful friend, Gwenauld. The only cat I have loved. He did not hurt or kill anything, but my heart. RIP. I love you, Gwenauld.

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Gerard McGowan

I know how you feel Barry, my best friend died a couple of weeks ago and the house hasn't been the same since, I miss his really annoying bark, I miss taking him for a walk, he use to wreck my head but I loved him so much.
he was the first dog I had in my own home.


Barry Childs

Thanks, Gerard. I wouldn't get another cat but have been thinking about a dog again, but as you say, when they're gone it is so sad.
Barry x


Oh Barry I love this so much! and my heart aches knowing you have lost your beautiful friend..anyone who has a pet will know how much more they are to us than just a 'pet' they create a space in our hearts that will be forever theirs.
Lodigiana xx

A Lonely Journey

Hey Barry, 
That was fantastic, but I'm so sorry about your cat. Pets become so special to us(and never talk back, and just give us love), so it's brutal when they pass. 
Great write, I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
Maybe try putting up a Mice Stay Out sign by the kitchen, then they'll come in(no one seems to listen these days, and usually do the opposite of what you tell them). 
Take care, 


Barry Childs

Thank you very much, M. I do miss the cat, although I always preferred dogs.
Barry x

A Lonely Journey

I do too, Barry. Dogs are where it's at. I was never a cat person until one started hanging out by my house, and I started feeding it, and it would always come sit with me. Real friendly cat, unlike some.