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Midnight's Dream

Midnight's Dream

This was inspired by a picture I saw of a beautiful girl riding a horse. They were both such amazing creatures that I fell in love immediately...and I still dream of her to this day. 

She drifted by on Midnight's Dream, 
The mare she yearned for as a teen 
With flowing hair and raven eyes, 
And dreams of racing through the skies 

My eyes adjusted to the sun, 
But brilliant hues, with awe did run 
As I beheld her perfect gait, 
And love explained it's endless wait 

Drifting softly through the clouds,
The peak of beauty God allows 
She gazed toward the warming light, 
And pressed ahead with all her might 

And as I struggled 'gainst the tears, 
I realized the dream of years 
And when she met the setting sun, 
She tossed her mane and knew she won 

For all her rides of love were new, 
Til one she realized was true, 
And separate minds can be as one, 
When equal dreams of gold are spun 

Emblazoned eyes attended me, 
As I dissolved in pure beauty 
And rode to Heaven, aloft my guide, 
My Midnight's Dream, my Centauride. 

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A Lonely Journey

Hi Matt, 
This is Parrotlegg. Thanks for not writing as much lately, as my eyes have almost completely healed. 
I have two words for this one: Bru tal! 
I've read better poetry at a tattoo parlor! (Particularly my own personal tattoo, 'Matt's Poetry Blows!'). 
Please stop writing again! My queasiness is returning. 
Roberto Legg IIII 

Marion Price

So romantic Mathew, IV just come on this minute and this is the first one I saw, glad I didn't miss it! You are fast becoming a king to Cherie's Queen( sorry Tonyūü§™) both of you masters at spinning such beautiful romantic imagery. I love this, truly, please stop putting yourself down, you write with¬† pure beauty from the heart. Love it my friend ūüíē

A Lonely Journey

Thank you Marionette! 
You're quickly becoming my only fan! I'm so sorry that this had to be the introduction to your poetic day, but I appreciate the kind commentium. 
How are you? 
Thank you for putting me in a class with the wonderful Cheerie(although she might be a little mad at you. Kidding, she's too nice). 
I figured out what my problem is, through you I think! I write too much, I think. Instead of writing wistfully short lines, I include every pronoun, and adjective, and article, and diphthong, etc. LOL. I think I learned English too well, and I have problems cutting back on my language usage. Ugh. 
Anyway, you're great Marionette! 
Thank you! 


Marion Price

Don't be daft, everybody writes in a different way because everybody is different and that's what makes it interesting. Your poetry is bloody ( againūü§™) beautiful Mathew, don't you dare change a thing and STOP comparing yourself to others my friend. You are among one of the best writers on here, your work speaks to my soul...truly. ( I think that deserves a pay rise) ūüėÜūüėÜ seriously ...I mean every word, your work is lovely ūüíē

Cherie Leigh

Hi Matthew!  Now, you know I love this poem with the imagery of horses...They are so beautiful, and forever my dream   I miss riding them.  I got to go on a ride through your poem's imagery though, and it was nice .  I especially love these lines:

"For all her rides of love were new, 
Til one she realized was true, 
And separate minds can be as one, 
When equal dreams of gold are spun "

I thoroughly enjoyed the imagery and flow of this romantic ride.  I like the end with using the Centauride....creative!  You know what?  My birthday horoscope sign is a Centaur symbol for the Sagittarius .  I always liked that since I love horses.  I was drawn right away to the theme of your poem and found it all very floaty and romantic.  It must have been some picture that inspired you.  It is nice when inspiration hits and a poem comes out.  I enjoyed.  xo Love n Hugs, Cheerie  

A Lonely Journey

Thank you, Cheerie!! 
I'm so glad you liked it. If I write romantically, I think 'is this even one-ninetieth of a Cheerie poem, and through some complex algebraic equations, it came out to be one-eighty ninth of one of yours! Yay! So, I was able to post it according to the Cheerie Meter of Love Poetry. 
Thank you for liking that stanza, also. I almost liked that one, too. I figured out in life that sometimes, at least in my eyes, it's better to have many similarities in love. I think sometimes opposites attract, but after a while, they fade from each other. Too bad I figured that out at 638 years of age rather than when I was a little younger. LOL. 
I'm also glad you floated, but watch out for Mr. Wonka, as he may accuse you of taking a drink of Fizzy Lifting Drink, and disqualify you from inheriting his chocolate factory. 
It was an amazing picture that inspired me! It was dreamy, and the girl on it, you could just tell from her face that she was deep, and kind, and wonderful. 
Thank you sew much for commenting. 
You're the best! 


Greg Etsell

what a  wonderful poem
you are so great love your