Poem -



I look into the mirror
And I know I see a beauty
A perfect sight

My skin isn’t porcelain
I am no doll
To put on a portrait
In no way a model

My lips are full
A dark pink by nature
And little freckles spread on each

Freckles that dance
Under my eyes
And over my nose

My eyes are unsure
They are either emerald green or turquois blue
As wavering as the emotions in my soul

My hair is a tint of light brown
With strands of golden blond
Natural highlights girls create on purpose

Yet in the sun
There is no ignoring
The red glance of my mother’s hair
Portraying in mine

I am not natural thin
Or a perfect form
For you to admire

My chubby body
Carries the marks
Of my existence
It tells the story of my birth
The growth I made
To the woman I am now

The big breast you adore
The big round butt you gave a score
It left marks to form

I am beautiful
So how come
That when I leave this mirror

You smile so devilish
And mutter the words
β€œNarcissist, do you not see your ugliness”

The words you stammer
In your hateful tone
Turn the mirror into
A nightmare
To walk past

- CrystalSoulySR -

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sarah harry

maybe they should keep their criticism for themselvesΒ 
i absolutely don't get why people take it upon themselves to judge you
"like who are you to tell me what i am and am not?"
lol sorry touchy subject, nice write dearΒ