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Many children are missing and want to be found, lost without a trace,
Leaving behind a body that is grown and an ever so familiar face. 

Some of which have been locked away, forgotten or even escaped,
however, each and everyone of these children are why and how we have been shaped.

These children would thrive as they laughed at the things which are now deemed as silly, 
the same time that his knees where covered in mud and the tops of her socks were frilly.

Cast your mind back to the excitement felt on Christmas Eve, when we would never make a peep,
As we were certain that Santa would visit our homes as we would force ourselves  to sleep.

Then was the time when our troubles in life were solved with a hug or a treat,
As we have grown we worry about meeting tragets, fitting in and learing to deal with defeat.

As an adult we feel pressure to appear focused and strong with an aim to make others feel proud,
When forgetting other people and daring to try we remember that fun can be LOUD.

The missing children are there and need to be found, they are desperate for a corner to turn,
And if we search hard enough each one will come home, bringing with them many things we may learn.

Dont get this wrong, there is a time and a place and life is a lesson to learn,
But not everything is serious and much more could be fun if we allow each inner child to return. 

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Cherie Leigh

Oh wow!  Sad....Children are our future...and deserve to be respected and protected....not forgotten and left to be hurt and worse....ruining their life with damage forever.  I am very sensitive to harm to a child, because I am a mother of four children, and they mean so much to me and I am probably overly protective over them....not wanting anyone to ever have a chance to hurt them.  I get so sad seeing all the Missing Children signs up at our  Walmart store....It is unbelievable!  Thank you for your important message and awareness campaign through it.  xo ;)    

Rachel Lewis

Hi thank you for your comment, however this poem is written about missing children who are actually our inner children with the meaning of helping us all to find our inner child and how it feels good child like sometimes and not everything needs to be serious. 

I hope if you read again this may come across. 

Thank you for reading and leaving a comment. Xxx