Poem -

Missing In Desolation.

I travelled, I wandered...in search of something that's pure..
Now I still journey and I'm not sure.

If the stars above me, will help me...will guide me home...
I'm lost now but I still roam.

The earth it was dead, we had killed and fed on war....
Had we been the one's who made the dream no more?

We ran from ourselves too far, ruining with our hands...
Now the time's up for us in these forgotten lands.

The system broke down, a plague ran from city to town..
All of those faces dead in the ground.

Through darkened eyes we see, only small traces of happier times dying in all places.

You won't ever find me in places where I am known...
Seems, for the lost now there is no home.

If you're coming with me, then remember the lawless gun..
And be prepared to run!

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