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Missing Peace

Missing Peace

Statues only cry when it rains outside in May.
I pushed my hope aside, turned in my seed of faith.
’cause now I know I know beyond the shadow of a cloud of doubt.
I’ll soon find out what this life is really about.
Resurrection is a lie because nothing ever dies you fool!
That’s why all this hurt inside feels old, but we think it’s new.
It’s coded left to right, transcribed in our DNA.
 The redundance is abundant.
So we all on this dumb shit.
Missing peace.
Hollow links in chains.
Aint nobody working and the field’s full. The harvest is plenty but the laborers are few and far between.  

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Richard Waters

" Do you have to take, what you get ? " Or, " hunt " for better ?
LOVE, JOY....AND, HOPE, considered. Obviously.
X  :)