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Mistletoe in the Mail

Mistletoe in the Mail

Dear Love,

I am sending a cluster of mistletoe through the mail
I hope when it arrives, it will have survived the trip well
I spritzed it with lavender perfume, like the kind I wear
If you hold it close to your nose, my aroma will be there

How I wish we could be together, snuggling by the fire
Exchanging those mistletoe kisses, laced with sweet desire
The Christmas tree seems to mock me with dreamy imagery
Of us dancing by its twinkling lights, in perfect symmetry 

Outside it’s snowing, and my anticipation is growing
To hear if you received your gift, for comfort of knowing
For when you see the symbol of sending you a much missed kiss
Perhaps you will feel the bliss of Christmas love to reminisce

Save me a gay sleigh ride, with a jingling jolly horse 
Where we can consummate that kiss on fancy prancing course 
Until our lips can touch with forever’s romantic show
Look in the mail for lavender smell upon mistletoe

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Marion Price

Awe...tinged with sweetened sadness Cherie, wistful and yearning and beautiful...hugs 💜

Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion...Thank you.  I am trying to come up with Christmas themed poems..I may be on here less and less as Christmas gets close and the kids are out of school for the holidays...I always keep mistletoe here during Christmas and think it is a romantic tradition...and to be apart from someone you love at Christmas would be a very hard situation.  Love n Hugs 

Cherie Leigh

Hi Lorris...Thanks!  I went looking for real mistletoe all over town today and could not find any!  Lol....Well, at least I wrote a poem about it and the spirit is there.  Merry Christmas! xo ;)

Icarus Flocke

Wonderful Christmas Beautitude
My Friend.

I admire your recent metrical works,
and like how you have consistently stuck
with Themes throughout your writing...boldy
experimenting with new ones that interest
or inspire you.



You know, the interesting thing about mistletoe
(in relation to it's popularity for holidays) is  that
it is basically a parasite. Not sure why but I've
always found this fascinating. (but I digress.)


Cherie Leigh

Hey J...You are right....but the mistletoe is only considered a parasitical plant because it is attached to the vascular system of a tree and carried off by birds to attach again to other trees, if I remember correctly.

I love how you see this as a Christmas beatitude.... Thank you!  I wanted to try something different as a Christmas themed poem.  I hope you have a very Merry Christmas, J. xo ;)   

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

Fate has been unkind, and torn us apart
On this holiday season, I have a sad heart
So I am sending along, this merry mistletoe
Hoping you think about me, wherever you go

I've sprayed it with lavender, the aroma of me
Wishing with it's scent, so happy you'll be
And every time, you feel me you miss
Just go to the mistletoe, and throw me a kiss 

All my love,
Larry xxx

Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry...You summed up my poem again so perfectly!  I like the tradition of mistletoe and its magic at Christmas.  I wanted to create a scenario where it can affect those even apart with its implications of love.  Thank you for your beautiful verses that capture that feeling.  Love n Hugs    

Cherie Leigh

Hi Greg...That makes me feel good...Thank you.  I love this time of  year and wanted a playful kind of Christmas theme.  ;)  xo