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Modern Monster

Modern Monster

When I was small I would lie in my bed,
Feeling frozen as I would bury my head,
As the monster underneath would wait,
For a sign I was there until he’d catch his bait.
I would wonder how he would take his prey,
So I would do as I needed to keep him at bay,
Not a twitch of a muscle or even a yawn,
I would hope and I would pray that now was the dawn.
Help would arrive if only I’d shout,
But the control he had would fill me with doubt.
I was never as brave as I needed to be,
But now I am grown, so clearly I see.

The monster is real and with the majority of our youth
Controlling, isolating and avoiding the truth,
He effects your sleep and is there for your wake,
And he needs to be dealt with for everyone’s sake.

These people are as trapped as I was in my bed,
As the monster is hungry and needs to be fed.

He takes over your lives and puts in your place,
A list of issues, an unnecessary disgrace,
These problems are numerous and are such a variety,
Including, Bullying, Insomnia, Depression, Anxiety.
The list it goes on, I beg you to scream,
The predators, the comments and low self-esteem.
His power is enormous our backs on the rope,
Tragically some of these youths don’t cope.

The monster under my bed was scary,
He was green with four eyes he was fierce and hairy.
The truth really is the monster is there,
But not under my bed, not covered with hair.
It’s worse! He is dangerous and ruining lives,
He is massive, ferocious and cuts worse than knives.
He has them all hooked and under control,
He is their master and each one follows a role.

The monster is smart with many a disguise,
He doesn’t show his four beady eyes,
He goes by many names, each one may scam,
Facebook, Twitter, Snap chat, Instagram,
There are so many more in which he will lurk,
He could be hiding in any social network.

You must be prepared so you can fight back,
Understand! Talk! Listen! Attack!
Educating each mind on the evil in hard,
Will see him defeated and you take the stand.

And if he has already made your life Hell,
There is no better time than now to yell.
As someone is always there to be strong,
Remember by doing this you are not wrong!
If you are lonely and feel no one will come with this plea,
There is someone who cares and that someone is me!

Don’t lie in your bed and worry for hours
Be you! Be strong! Show it that you have the powers!


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An excellent piece of work Rachel and so current! Things in this modern world are now so difficult for youngsters to deal with..you have expressed this really well and I love the fact  that you have put such a positive tone to the end..well done! Lodigiana x

Rachel Lewis

Thank you very much. It means a lot to get some feedback. And i am very pleased you liked it. Xx