Poem -

Morning's Realization

Morning's Realization

The sun begins to peek through half closed curtains
Like every day, when all else feels uncertain
I finally rise with eyes of zeal’s occasion
The beautiful balm of morning’s realization

I hear wooed words of promises on promenade
Leisurely playing as a sunrise serenade
He is with me in soft hovering thoughts anew
A misty wonder, touching me like morning dew

I missed him forever, yet he stirred in my dreams
He made prominent appearance as our truth to redeem
We should dance with the lost romance of yesterday
To experience love’s delirium in every way

I feel him close by in sunrise’s lucid light
And I hold that magical moment with love’s might 
Now, I awake with my life’s prioritization 
Blessed by his presence in morning’s realization 

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A Lonely Journey

OMG!(Old Man's Gout), 
You've outdone yourself again, Cheerie! (Doesn't the you get mad at you for continually one upping yourself?). 
Honestly, that's so beautiful in sentiment, but also magnificently worded. I'm not sure why, but I'm entranced by that first stanza! I've read it about 20 times. It's so gorgeous. (The whole thing is actually). Maybe it's the way you included the poem's title there, and also at the end, but I think it's actually that first line. I loved it. You know, I'm no poet, but I learn a lot by your writing. I think I've learned from this, that it can be very important to snag that reader with your first line, or stanza, because it opens their mind, and heart, and by that time they're on Cloud Nine, and the rest just completes their awe. 
Fantastic poem, Love Queen! You're still the master. 
Love always, 

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Thank you so much, Matthew.  I am happy that the first stanza drew you in...I was trying to create the scene of morning bringing hope and thoughts of love.I am honored by your kind comments and support that show me that you really reflect on what you read.  I don't ever want my poems to sound the same...and love certainly has many angles to write about it.  Thank you, dear friend.
 Side note - Please do not say that you are not a poet, because you most certainly are and a great one. Do not doubt that.  You are appreciated.

  xo :)  Love n Hugs, Cheerie

Tony Taylor

Hey GORGEOUS!!...... this is you..... blossoming...... becoming the poet that you are meant to be...... born to be...... with stellar phrasing that goes 'way beyond the norm' in its simplicity and perfectly concocted wordplay...... the stuff of legends is being born here...... please..... just run with it.... trust your instincts...... you WILL be remembered!!....... and NOT just by me sweetheart....... I'm talking about...... historically...... the time for books of poetry will soon be upon you!!.,......PINNED!!......Kisses!!>>.......T xo. : )

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi T... I am not sure how to respond.  But your words are very supportive and make me believe that maybe you believe in me?  Lol  I feel like I am going more with my instincts with my love writes and being honest to who I am through them.  The fact that you think I will be remembered for my poetry is motivating to me.  Thank you so much.  I hope to get a book of my best love poems together to give to my publisher by next spring. I liked hearing you read my poem aloud, and then telling me the lines that spoke to you...Thank you.  xo  ;)  Love n Hugs, xo