Poem -

Mother Dragon

Mother Dragon

My mother is a dragon 
Both good and bad
Her flames are what I fear

Her burning breath scorched thousands
As she left nothing but ashes
Of those she loved

Her claws have cut many wounds
Not careful of her words or actions
She only sees herself

Her wings have flown away
Avoided everyone who came close
For she feared the pain of loss

Her scales have grown thick
Refusing for anyone to touch
Even a child of her own

But I am my mother's daughter
Filled with dragon blood of my own
I know the power of the dragon

My mother, I still love
So I'll show her how to be careful
Without holding yourself back

My wings carry me high 
So I'll show her the freedom
While carrying others with me

My scales are thick
Grown tight and fireproof
But soft to touch

My mother, I'll show
A dragon's power
Can be good

- CrystalSoulySR -

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Simon Bromley

Remarkable in every way!  Respect and honour to your mother and the bond, undeniable.  Well done.