Poem -

Ms. Psychedelic

Ms. Psychedelic

Ms. Psychedelic 

Hey Ms. Psychedelic with your Ph.D,
I’ve never seen a woman so young and free.
Are you the woman of all my dreams?
A taste of rich fantasies is what it seems.

My adventures came & gone:
No more words to write a lovely song.
I need a new discovery into the unknown:
A place where my mind has always grown.

Mountains have plundered into the calming sea.
A ride along the crimson shore is where
My spirit is meant to be. 

Come on Ms. Psychedelic with your Ph.D,
A woman like you makes a man so free.
Are your wonders here to take me on the long ecstasy?
My world is soon to become a complete travesty.

My life came & went:
No more daydreams to live & attend.
I need a new vision to seek into my core:
A place that differs from this life of a bore.

Rivers have dried by the desert’s sun.
A ride along the neon city is where
My soul is meant to have fun.

Can’t you see Ms. Psychedelic with your Ph.D,
You’re the only one with the mystic key.
Will we meet again under that summer’s oak tree?
I’ve been waiting for you to set me free.

My love came & left:
No more faith to deprive from sudden death.
I need another of dose of your lucid trip:
A place on the top of a mountain’s tip.

Skies have adrift to outer space.
A ride along to the vast universe is where
My mind is meant to embrace.

Now it’s time Ms. Psychedelic with your Ph.D,
The time for me & you to drop this world to it’s knees.
I wonder how long this time will come to a tragic end?
Next time I’ll know who’s selling you, my psychedelic friend.