Poem -

My King and I

My King and I

You are not perfect and neither am I.
Together as one we become a sight.
A sight for sore eyes, a love so sweet.
The struggles we share, we rise to defeat.

You make me free, you allow me too be me.
We share such a connection even at a distance.
A phone call away, forever you will stay.

Your life was so crafted, venturing far and wide.
Funny enough so was mine.
Started a little later but eventually we’d meet.
God had us planned, you were for me.

Paths we could have taken, chances to meet.
Im so thankful that we can be.

Being in love with a stranger who became my best friend.
From here on out, lovers till the end.
Blessed with opportunities, time to learn lessons.
Settling down now, venturing out together.

Future plans in the making,
beautiful nights in the present,
My king and I
Our life so pleasant.

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