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My Mother's Daughter

My Mother's Daughter

I am my mother's daughter
Growing up, I did not comprehend
How I would inevitably begin
To take on her characteristics,
Quirks, habits, and personality
When, in reality, I should have known
For she alone, was my greatest influence
I recall how she too hid her fears and tears
She focused on love and a comforting word
I never heard her use bad language
Instead, she offered a warm embrace
I adored how she stayed positive
Despite the hardships she faced
She sang like an angel, sharing her gift
Humble in nature, never causing a rift
I wish I had her patience and calm reserve
Though when I was young and impressionable,
Her overly-protective nature got on my nerves
My mother taught me to see good, despite bad
To love God with all my heart, to sing when I'm sad
I never could figure out how she kept smiling
Despite the struggles, I witnessed her fight
Her faith was amazing, still to this day
And I love and admire her in every way
Though, I inherited her worry genes, unfortunately
And obsessive compulsion afflicts both her and me
I am proud she is my mother, role model, friend
I am my mother's daughter
Nothing to hide, nor pretendΒ 

*Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there!Β  ;)Β 

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Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Lisa....Thank you on both accounts....I hope you had a nice Mother's Day...Sometimes it can be a bit bittersweet.Β  I only hope I can instill some of the wonderful experiences my mother taught me to my own children.Β  Funny how as we get older, we can start seeing our parents in us...and I used to be offended, but now I am appreciative.Β  Love n Hugs, xo


Sis you are a blessing in this life
a lovely tribute, your mum must be
Amazing and beautiful, just like you are ❀️❀️❀️
AΒ belated happy mother's DayΒ 
To you and yours 😘😘
Deano xoxo

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Awww...Thank you, sis!Β  Belated Happy Mother's Day to you as well.Β  My mother is showing signs of early onset Alzheimer's disease, so I am very sad to see her starting to have memory loss....She is a beautiful soul, and the greatest influence of my life....I admire her strength, patience, and love that she has always shown raising four girls.Β  I am the second born.Β  I appreciate that she is my mother....feel very lucky.Β  Love n Hugs, xoΒ 

A Lonely Journey

Fantastic, Cherie! Your mom did a wonderful job raising you, as you turned out to be an intelligent, kind, young lady.Β 
Beautiful tribute, and words.Β 


Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Thank you, Matthew....Awww....what a sweet comment.Β  I am forever grateful to have the mom I have....She still inspires me with what a mother's love should look like in action.Β  Bless you.Β  xo ;)