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My self esteem

My self esteem

I know it shouldn't matter,
I don't know why I care,
You say I should be fatter,
You say it isn't fair.

But this is who I am!
There is nothing wrong with me!
I'm not just some little lamb,
look deeper, can't you see?

I'd like to be admired,
I know...  selfish me.
But just to be desired...
For something only I can be...

It's something we all need.
A boost of self esteem.
And YOU can plant the seed,
and be the mending seam.

For none of us are perfect.
But many try to be.
Just imagine the effect!
If everyone could see!


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Excellent poetry angel 


Really good!! I like the part when you said "I'd like to be admired," cause I feel like thats what most people want. you are super talented!!!