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Natural Wonders

Natural Wonders

If we’re in an earthquake 
We surely wouldn't know 
Our Love's so tremendous 
We wouldn't feel the blow 

If we’re in a twister 
We wouldn't even sneeze 
Love is our shelter 
We'd only feel a breeze 

If we’re in a flood 
We'd stay high and dry 
Love is our mountain 
An ark in the sky 

We are a force of nature 
We’ll nullify the rest 
Two natural wonders 
Can weather any test

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Cherie Leigh

Love is a force of wonder....a power that can take on the world!  Love the theme...You are very creative in how you present your love poems....I like your style, Bill.  Thanks for sharing. xo ;)

Bill MacEachern

Hi again Cherie,
This Poem was inspired when my girl and I were on the phone, she asked if I had felt the earthquake earlier, we live in Massachusetts, there aren’t many earthquakes here and when there is one they are more of a vibration...
Well, after she asked, I said...
”Darling, you rock my world, how could I ever feel an earthquake!”
wrote poem as soon as I got a chance