Poem -

New Years Eve

New Years Eve

Dark, December night,
Yet the city is still bright,
Lights turn, off and on,
Curtains in dwellings have been drawn,

Windows, dotted everywhere,
While down, at Timeโ€™s Square,
Myriad people come to see,
That shiny ball, drop on New Years Eve,

The world, a blanket of forlorn,
A little ray of hope is born,
May it grow into a beam,
We just have to believe,

What a way, to close the year,
With friends and a couple of beers,
So... Cheers,
Hereโ€™s to a hopeful new year.

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Hazel Oโ€™Grady

Thank you.ย Itโ€™s an older poem of mine which explains why it probably isnโ€™t as good as my others.