Poem -



fight or flight, the nightmare begins
fear grabs me, crawls under my skin
this is real, this isn’t a dream
and yet my lungs won’t let me scream
they’re binded by my soft slumber
what’s real, what’s fake? I’m outnumbered
my mind makes the rules in this town
living fears, in this town I’ll drown
I can't wake up, I can’t escape
my lungs and legs are out of shape
I can never run fast enough
all safety turns out to be bluffs
I’ve opened my eyes, yet still, I’m scared
my heart never seems to be spared
my mind tells me I’m still dreaming
I can’t escape, my fear’s screaming
the only way I can be freed
is to face my mind and plead
I must fall asleep once again
and beg, this time, I’m not condemned
for when morning finally comes
I wish to be free from the drums
my heart still drums every second
every sound makes my heart threatened
oh, when will this dark nightmare end?
I yearn to see the sun again
my lids fall heavy, I, asleep
hoping my fear ceases to creep
and, even still, I’m falling still
rising, falling, my lungs are filled
I fall sound asleep, peacefully 
my heart starts beating evenly
I’ll be at rest til the sun wakes
so that my heart may take a break

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RRG (Rebecca)

The pace of this is stunning. It feels like I am in a whirlwind of chaotic terror, just the way nightmares feel. Well done.