Poem -

Ninety three

Ninety three

An old man died at ninety three,
Numerous things he failed to see,
Spectacular places he would have loved to go,
and now he is gone he will never know.
opportunity came and passed him by,
At ninety two I asked him why.
"Why did you never take a chance?"
He took a deep breath and with one glance,
He told me that he was much to old,
But wished he had, if truth be told!
It was with regret he did not do,
all of the things he wanted to.
He said, "time passes quickly, please have some fun",
"Live each moment before life is done".
"dont waste time fretting about what could be,
seize every opportunity".

He was very honest, his heart lay bare,
with very few tales he had to share.

He told me he lived from day to day,
and ifs and buts had got in his way.

As I said, the old man died,
he held a letter by his side,
The letter read, don't be like me at ninety three,
if you never try, you will never see.


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Cherie Leigh

Hi Rachel....To die with regrets would be an awful feeling....We only have this one life while here to make it what we want it to be.  If I get to live to be 93 that would be an accomplishment in itself...lol   I think that if we focus on showing love and being loved, that has to be the path of least regrets in life...Great theme to make us all think! xo ;)   

Rachel Lewis

Thank you for reading. Its lovely to know people are reading and thinking about what i write. It is much appreciated x

RRG (Rebecca)

:) Life's lesson found in a poem. Wow. Loved and pinned Rachel. Blessings.

Rachel Lewis

Thank you so much. Im glad you enjoyed it. X