Poem -

No Words

Everyday it’s the same thing.
I open my eyes, I just want to cry.

I don’t need motivating. 
I know what I like. I just want to die.

The sunshine blinds my eyes.
A bright sort of pain. Falling tears of rain.

For a moment I wish that life.
Wasn’t worth the fight. Just a timeless night.

Blue sky’s show all that is wrong.
Distressed damsel, emotionless and alone.

Wandering amongst the colour of life. 
Seeking only the shadows, just to feel revived.

Her soul spits darkness like a firework, exploding Black Plague embers, infecting every foot step. 

Darkness devours down upon the light.
Satisfying the hunger, of what goes bump in the night.

Infected lands like the Great Depression.
World so polluted, suffering ones existence.

Once was blinded by the light so bright.
Raining tears, storms engulfed the suns shine.

Blind no more; with vision could now see.
All the colour of life, an Abyss Black Sea.

The more her soul crept upon the sunless earth.
You could see how sinister, she smiled defiling what hurt her.

Twisted was she hating life because she wasn’t bright.
Guilty for her happiness, although she’s the reason why.

She let the world slowly die with 50 shades of Black.
She enjoyed what her life became once cologned with aroma of death.

Her eyes lit up like the sunshine so bright. 
But she was dark and gazed with eyes like stars submerged in night.

Life with colour is just as beautiful then life itself.
But life in darkness is like finding heaven within a black pearl hell.

Smile so striking it’s like the Milky Way.
Happiness from escaping her darkest void, is all she radiates.

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