Poem -

Old Man Jack

Old Man Jack

Woods surrounded the
House of sorrow.
Pains of sure madness
enriched his soul.

To speak of acts,
That has long passed.

His pain grew deeper.
Old man Jack,
So full of rage.
His belly empty,
Eyes dark and hollow.

One cold evening,
No stars in sight;
The woods were silent,
And it was time.

He crept around the old oak tree,
A rope in one hand.
No more worries.

Jack closed his eyes.
and climbed the tree.
Just five past twelve,
when he heard the sound.

A rumble in the darkness,
the flickering of a star.
Soon it would be time.

Soft wind whirling.

Fluttering fall leaves,
on the cold ground.

Large eyes appeared near by.

It was Jack’s old pal,
The Grisly Bear.

The tremble of his wrinkled hands,
Around the yellow homemade rope.

Two more steps to go,
till death and dinner time.

With an enormous roar,
his eyes met Jacks.

Bears were wise and they could climb.
Jack had no chance.

He took the rope and tried his best.  
To lure the bear
over the hand dug hole.

Almost two o’clock,
his eyes were weary.

Jack took the rope
and fell asleep.

As morning approached,
Jack looked abroad.
Still no food.

But all is well.

Down to the creek,
to fetch a nice catch.

Old man Jack,
has given up,
on that sly,
old grizzly bear.

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A Lonely Journey

Fantastic poetry! You're really bright and talented. 
I can't help(and maybe it's just me and my sorrowful mind) feel like Jack's plans were of a dire nature when he went up that tree with the rope. 
Anyway, I love poetry that makes you think with veiled meaning. 
Wonderful job! 


Katina Woodruff...

Jack was once a hunter, but later in his life after suffering many losses, he became quite depressed. The day he went up in the tree, was the day I had a rope tied to the deck/wood. I was ready to make the final jump. So, I began writing about Jack, a fictionalized character who had many flaws. He returns in a fiction short story I am working on. The underlying story, Jack had become afraid of the grizzly bear, but the bear had other plans, all the bear wanted was to raid his camp site for food. 

Thank you, Matthew, for the review.


Cherie Leigh

Hi Katina....I think that bear saved Jack's life!  Lol...He was afraid of the bear which made him remember to want to save his life, not take it with that rope to hang himself...It is funny how our real intentions come out in desperate times.....and I like to picture that Grisly bear as some what of a hero...even as he does not realize it in just being a typical scrounging bear looking for food.  It gave Jack time to reflect and change his mind maybe...Great narrative story!  Original! I enjoyed.  xo ;)  

Jill Tait

Awwww lovely imagery there Katina xxx❤️❤️❤️

Katina Woodruff...

Thank you Jill. When I post my poetry on Face Book for my family, I never get any reviews. So I'm on FB a lot less these days. At least here, there are valuable authors who actually leave a review. It means so much. You know when you spend most of your time writing, you need that second pair of eyes to let you know if a poem makes sense. Many thanks for your reviews. I have about 50-75 poems stored in a safe, one day, I'll pull them all out to edit. It seems easier just to write new stuff. I really want to study poetry in a Mater Degree Program. It's two years. Okay thanks Jill -- please keep writing such wonderful poems. 

Jill Tait

Our internets went off n actually using my data to send this luv so cant get into cosmo x

Larry Ran

My Dear Katina,

You've told a very "grizzly" story
About a suffering bear named Jack
The predator, became it's saviour
And from the depths of death, they're back

All my love,
Larry xxx