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On a Clouded Day, You Can See An Angel

On a Clouded Day, You Can See An Angel

She came to me within the dark, on equine wings, we'll soon embark. 

The windswept illusion of blue in the skies 
Did carry lost fragments of dust to my eyes 
And as I looked long to the elegant day 
A desperate, sad tear impeded the way 

The sun, it did run, like a marigold melting 
Yet the rain lined the walk in an eternal pelting
And the colorful arches, they bled in the sky
But my vision obstructed as ravens flew by 

The days, oh they've labored, by for so long 
Like old, broken notes from love's saddest song
And all 'bout the nights, my pain wandered free 
To steal any visions of sunlight from me 

And so it would seem, my eyes could not see, 
Any bit of God's beauty, he'd granted to me 
And every bright sunrise was shielded by pain 
And forever my vision, clouded by rain 

But just as the darkness recalled the blue moon 
An image of peace rang out in bright tune 
For just in that moment, that deepest, dark time 
An angel did sound in, resplendent in rhyme 

She bathed me in sunlight, and dried that sad rain, 
And invited new feeling, not fettered with pain 
A long, lonely journey, soon felt anew 
As the senses of being began to show through

And the scent of fresh grasses hung in the air 
Like a season of promise, and bountiful fare 
And the icy cold pieces of a hibernate heart 
Seemed to fuse into one as a fire did start 

As to why that sweet angel sang in my skies 
While the dark knight of Hades had clouded my eyes 
I have only a hope that to save my last breath 
That a heavenly father deemed untimely death 

So I gazed to the Heavens with a visceral hope 
Not to see lifeless beauty at the end of a rope 
But I saw quite a vision in the deep, aqua skies...
My fair maiden's visage, with crystal clear eyes. 

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Tony Taylor

WOW!! MATTHEW!!.... what a beautifully delivered poetic narrative..... done with some truly gorgeous phrasing that takes the storyline on into an almost fairytale kind of romantic "rebirthing" of a lost soul!!..... with religious and spiritual undertones that allows plenty of room for your readers to use personal interpretation!!.....I think it's the best thing I've read of yours.... but then I don't get to read everything!!.... in my most humble opinion... you've created something quite special here......ALL STARS!! & PINNED!!... keep up the good work dear poet brother!!..... Bravo!!.......LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo. : )

A Lonely Journey

Hey Tony, 
What nice praise! Thank you so much! I'm so glad you liked it. I actually took my time and wrote this one(maybe I should do that more often, but time is something that always seems to be fleeting, and sparse, doesn't it?). 
Thank you so much for all of your kind encouragement, as always. 


A Lonely Journey

Hi Frantic Pants! 
Thank you very much, you're too kind, but I really appreciate it, and you. 



Cherie Leigh

Hi Matthew!  Wow!  This is truly one of your best writes...but I am a bit bias and love your work in general.  The phrasing and imagery you use in this paints a scene of how pain interferes with seeing the good in life in order to appreciate it as a gift.  Sometimes God works in such mysterious ways and we have to be patient to see His plans, even as we feel overwhelmed in life's harsh trials.  It just takes a little bit of hope to see a way out of pain...through an angel or representation of that change needed.  This is so well thought out and crafted with emotional sincerity.  Touched my heart.  Beautiful!  So inspiring.  Love n Hugs,  Cheerie ;)

A Lonely Journey

You are really intelligent. You actually get my poetry better than I do! That is exactly what I was going for, and I so appreciate your understanding, and wonderfully kind words. There are some people who are soooooo amazing, that the dark of the world just seems paltry next to them, and problems just don't seem so problematic anymore. 
Thanks so much for being so intuitive, and so nice. 
You're the best.