Poem -

orange character in the sky

orange, a warm character in the summers sky
smiles proudly with nothing but light to give to the world
bold, upright, incapable of falling
everyone respects the beams strong rays
thrown out into the sometimes dark and dreary world
making your day bright, winter's bleak sky a sad comparison
filling our eyes with dreary gloom and despair
in a house on a winter's day we can bring light into our world
on the wick of a candle , comforting our minds
our sad hearts, cold hands and feet
dark and depressed, just turn to a candle or a warm soul
find solace and comfort, light
sit in the garden and smile when the sun tingles against your tired skin
orange is a strong soul, she is your friend in dark and dreary times
a flame when all is sad and cold
nothing dims the pure light or knocks her off her feet
she is unbeatable, determined, bold and energetic
the evening will arrive and shun her into the background
but you will never stop the sun from returning
even in the winter's white
she is waiting to creep silently back
through the sad shadows, surviving cold darkness and dust
it was easy to fiind her way in
orange is your best friend
and she will show herself when the timing is perfectly ripe

please do not copy, thanks.. and please do not share on other sites

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I love soaking up the sun's warm rays. It feels so energising. A lovely write Charlotte 😊 feels really positive 😊 

and it is really good to see you back again!!  🌷🌻🌞🌞🌞🌞

Do some others copy to other sites, then?

Tina x


thankyou tina .. i do not know . i just decided to write '' do not copy '' or share lol, because you never know , what if someone decides to take their poem for their own or decides to share it on a social networking site like facebook of all places.. i wouldnt want that .. a poem shared on a site like facebook publicly ..

some people may have an idea to steal a poem and let it be seen as their own but i've said not to .. lol. most people probably would not copy or share but you just do not know , ive heard of it happen before and you cant trust everyone can you

glad you enjoyed this one, its one i really liked writing, i love the sun too !


I've missed you on here my friend, and your back with such a fabulous write.

Sending hugs to you dear Charlotte👏👏👏👏🌷✍

Dean Kuch

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In other words, anything you post is automatically protected by copyright laws.
Having said that, Charlotte, if anyone steals your work and posts it as their own somewhere else you have a legal right to sue them for plagiarism.
My advice...unlike NIKE Corporation's, is...just don't DO IT...
~Dean Kuch

Tehmina Usman

This is so rich, Charlotte, in language and in depth. The use of Sun imagery really captures an easy and relaxed atmosphere that I would kill to be in right now, haha. I've missed seeing your work around this wonderful site and hope to see some more soon but no pressure, of course. 

Tehmina xo


thankyou tehmina :-) so glad you enoyed this one. yes, the sun .. its so much better when its out , right?

Tony Taylor

WOW!! CHARLOTTE!!....I LOVE it.....I haven't read such a positive write from you before!!..... It's awesome..... so glad to have you back on the pages dear poet sister!!

        ~ "Orange is a strong soul
            She is your friend in dark and dreary times.."

I REALLY like that line a lot my friend...... Keep up the great work!!.....ALL STARS!!..... LOVE & ROCKETS!!......T xo 👍👍✴❤✴😊


thankyou tony .. well i was in a positive calm frame of mind when i wrote this, lol.. actually i was in a good mood at some points in the writing, until i got a bit sad again..

glad you enjoyed this ... its one i really loved writing so im glad people liked this , too...

Cherie Sumner Taylor

Hi Charlotte....I love the theme of this...The sun gives so much warmth and energy that we need to feel for hope in life.  I love these lines:

"she is unbeatable, determined, bold and energetic
the evening will arrive and shun her into the background
but you will never stop the sun from returning
even in the winter's white"

Even when we have moments of losing hope, the sun always comes up to remind us we have a new day and it ALWAYS offers its warmth and cheery feeling associated with it.  I like the imagery you have created with orange....Nice to see you on here!  Love n Hugs ;)