Poem -

Our Secret Tree House

Our Secret Tree House

There's no calm consolation
From smug comfort today
Our temporary cradling place
May be shaken tomorrow
Where outside our secret tree house
Every bough will break

Down we shall surely fall,
Cryptic criticism and all
Spiraling out of control
Waiting to hit the ground, hard
Hearing the intimidating sound
Of the wicked wind's will
Stirring up trouble again

If you want, I can pretend
Our tea party is still on
And set the cups and plates
Out on the balcony table
Ignoring phrenetic emotions
Swirling around our house
Like a fixated, furious funnel

I can cross my legs, ladylike
And sip my tea, cordially
As you tip your velveteen hat
Just like that of a gentleman
Concealing your stern indignant stare
Watch me send a kiss across the table
Just as my tea cup shatters
In my poised trembling hand

Hiding behind our secret tree house,
We feel the rocking, stormy sway
Of another treetop unpredictable day
The sun may decide to finally shine
With its perky pacifying persuasion
Overpowering harsh hindering winds
Let's wait for it, just wait for it,


For a promising better sky view
Perhaps the perfect conciliatory blue
To help us pull through
In our secret tree house

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Simon Bromley

What an interesting and compelling write Cherie.  Loved the content and flow throughout.

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Simon.  Thank you.  I wanted to do a different theme, and I have always liked tree houses, as they represent usually a safe place to escape.  But in this scenario I created, it hides the truth of very volatile emotions between a couple being masked...as they pretend everything is okay.  Thank you for your kind support.  I am happy you found it "interesting" and "compelling"...That motivates me...  xo ;)

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi Lisa.  Thank you.  I wanted to write a different theme and in a freestyle format, which I find hard to do....just so I could focus more on the narrative part of this one....I used to do a lot more narrative poems, and then I got away from them, and I am not sure why..lol....I do enjoy them.  They allow for more free flowing thoughts and give a clearer story through poetry.  I have to keep challenging myself or I get bored....lol  Thank you for your kind support of all my work. xo ;)  


Excellent poetry angel  enjoyed it throughly

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

HI Linda...Thank you....I have always liked tree houses and think of them as safe retreats away from the world's eyes....and it inspired this write.  Bless you. xo ;)  

Dmitri Rudder

Sitting under our tree on the hill,
where the wild winds play,
Her and I forever more,
a perfect role to play,
Going back to the tree on the hill,
Uprooted I found it then,
Where once two lover spent their days,
now what one lover finds upends.
Lost together, now all alone,
Searching for love to lead the way
one in life for sins atones,
another in death awaits.
For a better day...

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Awwww..I don't even know how to respond to your somber but pretty response in poetry, D....You are certainly very sensitive...Even in death, love never dies...and finds its way....Thank you for sharing your inspiration after reading my write.. ox  ((hugs))  ;)

Preacher Of Ete...

A journey with unforced visuals. Nice flow. I could see them at that table swapping forced  politeness.. 
If that even makes sense. Lol. Well done.

Cherie Sumner-Taylor

Hi!  Yes that makes perfect sense!  You got the scene perfectly!  A couple puts on pretenses that all is well when there is a lot of animosity stirring inside and between them.  The tree house represents a place of safety, yet metaphorically it is a place to hide so the world cannot see the real situation.  Thank you for reading and commenting. I appreciate your support. xo ;)