Poem -



I am in no way
I am in no way
The daughter you want

I don't know how to be
The perfect child
The perfect sister
Or just the perfect person

I am not strong enough
To fake a smile
Grab a glass of wine
And act like I have my life

I am not what you want
I have a lot of flaws
I am not your blood
Maybe that's my biggest one

I wish for you to care
To take the chance 
To get to know me
For who I am

So with every act
That you do care
I just smile
Go along with it
Play your game

But inside I know
I do not belong
Where I want to be

Your lives are different
I don't belong in your rich world
Your cheap is my expensive
Your fun is my despise

I do not see the world as you
I have been in another life
I have struggled on the ground
I have been all alone

You are the mother who chose me
Who saved me
A headstrong woman
Proud of every child she has

But I was forced in a house of pain
Now the girl I am
Is not the girl you want
Cause I can't see the world as you

So I will always
Stay an outsider
To you

- Mia Terra -

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sarah harry

a relatable write 
nice choice of words and spacing i wouldn't change a thing about it 

while you feel like an outsider amongst them where you came from made you see differently and treasure things they take for granted i'm sure if you think about it you are quite happy with the way you view things 

Mia Terra

True, I wouldn't change the way I view the world. I love how I can be happy with what little I have ❤ thank you for the comment