Poem -

Peace within

 sometimes stillness sits silently 
I can feel its presence at the very centre of me
like a white weightless cloud 
serenely content in a blue painting
where doves dance,and glide
keeping me and my world peaceful
a gentle tidal wave
smiling in the tender sparkling sun
without the weary wind throwing me off course
atleast a circling chaos
stays safely away sometimes 
and I can float on the surface of a settled sea
be like a happy boat 
where the occupant is me 

one of my recent poems 
really only started writing a little again recently 
been through a while where I just never felt like writing or even trying to 

so I thought I would be back on this site to share 

any comments appreciated 


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Cherie Leigh

HI Charlotte....For your first poem back, this is awesome!  I love the floaty feel of it...finding serenity with peace within....Great imagery of the sea, gentle tidal wave, and boat as yourself...I hope you will continue writing.  You were missed.  Thank you for sharing. xo ;) 


Thank you cherie 🙂

Yes calm and peace ... I love the feeling , so nice