Poem -


It’s more than shedding my skin
I’ve burnt up everything I used to be
Turned to ashes and welcomed new birth
A new awakening, a new life to live
I can be who I want, and do as I say
No more chains holding me down to solid ground
I can fly with my new set of wings
Spread so boldly across open skies
Through clouds and dust
Soaring over every storm coming my way
I have recreated my being
And now, I am better than before

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Tony Taylor

Hey KERENA!!.....this is such a 'breath of fresh air' kinda write.....I love the PHOENIX impressions you find so often in poetry..... and what you've created here is such a fine example!!.....I LOVE the positivity you've got running throughout this piece!!..... truly a pleasure to read dear poet sister!!.....,ALL STARS!!...... well done!!.......LOVE and ROCKETS!!.......T xo 😉☀✴✳♥