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Love is not a thing to be discarded, 
Love is eternal, it hurts, but it will never be disregarded,
Hearts live in it and get destroyed, 
While tearful eyes witness every pain and every void, 
It’s easy to break barriers and find love in every dark night, 
Just like emptying your eyes and filling them with only your lovers light, 
I’ve loved you eternally, from the wholeness of your being to the darkness of your soul, 
Your presence gave me strength, while your enmity made my heart dark as coal, 
But if I have to die today, I’ll only want one thing from you, 
To meet me one last time, come to me out of the blue,
Because no one could ever wake me up from your dream, my feelings for you will never end,
For my love awakens by your every sight, something even I will never understand

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Silent Dreamer

Inspired by one of my all time favourite movies, Ram Leela, a tale based on  the evergreen 'Romeo and Juliet'. I added a song from the movie, sadly it doesn't have the English translation (highly recommend checking that out, the poetry in it is beautiful).