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Rosy Cheek Cyclist Of Heidelberg

Rosy Cheek Cyclist Of Heidelberg

It was not passion, which brought you closer,
Nor the undying sentence, to leap from despair;
But only once, to give yourself in
To the flowering fields beyond care.
Quickly, Oh! Quickly, was your trip
Round the safe embrace of familiar sights,
Still leaving the same expression
Of frowned consent: that soon youโ€™ll say goodbye.
When you passed me with rosy cheeks
Delicately powdered; and hair formed
Like the wavy hills,
My nature couldnโ€™t grasp or take the shock:
There was myth by vague disguise.
No tale has come since your light,
Nor ever have I had, such abrupt relief,
That gladly severed me from lifeโ€™s fight.

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Larry Ran

Dear ecesis_,

I felt the lovely passion in your words.ย  It seems like many of us have fantasies about a special person we have seen in our lives.ย  I give you below, my own experience.

Your poem brings back memories
Of a lass that I once saw
Pedaling a bike at Yale University
She had such beauty without flaw

Her cheeks were bright and rosy
Her face beyond compare
Two braids that she could sit on
The most beautiful thickest hair

I often thought about her
This damsel of my desires
If only I could have met her
Perhaps I'd have lit her fire

Peace and Love,
Larry xxx


Thankyou larry!ย 
Hope your journey was safe and the endeavours successful!
Definitely, though i didn't use her image as a focus on one person, but a representation of a larger community.ย 
Must of been long ago? An impression of forever, it seemsย