Poem -


Your soul was an abandoned graveyard
Gloomy and lifeless
But I treated it like a garden
I planted roses on your heart 
and nurtured them until they grew
But as the sun rose 
And your roses bloomed
I got tangled in your thorns
Forgetting to nurture my own garden
That I spent so long making
You watched it get trampled
By the hurricane you created
You stole my sunlight
And ruined my garden
My soul now dark and lifeless
It started to remind me
Of the graveyard I found you in
Before you were bloomed and free
Only difference is
Nobody is going to save me


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A Lonely Journey

Wow, OD, beautifully sad writing. Gorgeously penned. You're really talented. 

Edward Williams

You have a true talent for poetry OD
and I can realate to all of them you paint the portrait very well👏Great job