Poem -

Self destructive

Self destructive

The emptyness inside me sings a song so joyful I don’t understand 
Everyone has left me alone apart from my true self left to rot and hide 
I can’t show who I truly am to the world you have to keep in mind 
People judge 
People speak 
The world is a stage 
A new performance every week 
Scene 1 act 1 * smile give them a hug support them in what they are doing*
Scene 1 act 2 *speak behind their back tell them all the skills they lack *
They say only be true to yourself but myself lies to me everyday talking of the richness and the fame I could gain if I do this that or the third 
But what myself has failed to understand is that I am my first hater 
I am my first enemy my first opponent 
To say that I have every thing Under control is to say that eve did not eat that apple from the tree 
A truth that is based on fact someone else’s spoken fact but not ever proven to be truth 
1 + 1 = 2 but my heart + my mind = destruction if you Adam 
My true intentions are unrecognised but my downfalls are 
Why don’t you see the angel beside me 
But you’ve vowed to catch the demon inside me 
Experience is the best teacher but it teaches only fools 
So let me be the best fool I can be and experience all that there is to experience 
Let me feel the pain and the hatred burn against my skin 
Let me cough up blood of recognition of all the negative things around me 
Let me speak to my lord he’s the only one I’ll confide in 
Let me take this drug of hope 
Fall down into this meaningless slope into my self created dark hole
Experience teaches only fool so I shall be the fool of all fools

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Roger Joseph

Beautiful... you're wise to admit your foolishness my friend... I'm a sucker for punishment and there is no answer you can't find within... good job... loved it I can relate