Poem -

She Expresses

She Expresses

She digs deep into the bowels of her soul seeking to find the vowels for her vows upon the altar in which the hands of her heart holds, for her self..

She approaches the depths of her holes as she consoles the whole sparkle of her soul which glitters as if it's gold upon find the internal wealth, of her self..

She spends time from the timeless in hopes of coming upon secrets through the rewinding of the past in which the mind passes upon the finding, of her self..

She embodies the bodies of her seas as she sees the wants for her needs as her soul kneels upon its knee bowing towards the thoughts in which she reads, of her self..

She lies upon a compass in the directing of her subconscious as she becomes conscious of the honest encompassing of the unconscious mistakes, of her self..

She continues the trying of taking the times in which the fingers of her lashes takes to wipe the tears from her eyes upon the delicacies of her pupils crying under the wells, of her self..

She listens to the intuitive composition which tells of tales in which the mind of her emotions prevails as her thoughts tends to feel the details, of her self..

She wanders upon the wondering of resting under the pillar of gratification in which the accumulations of complications leads to the communications, of her self..