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Why do you do the things that you do?They feel they did wrong but the wrong one is you.
Life's as good as taken for many I am sure.
No doctors can help you, as there is no cure.
Your careful selection calculated,
you say you love them but you are hated.
You parade around town in your fire engine
You pick out your next unsuspecting victim. 
You gained their trust, you told them they must.
You sick little coward with you sick twisted lust.
Your cup runneth over.
Your mute one has spoken.
Your life behind bars.
Your dignity broken.
They're vulnerable,
they need a friend.
A sitting duck for you,
I cant comprehend.
Are you happy? Are you sad? How do you feel?
Their childhood you've taken and their innocence you steal.
A lifetime of sadness for most of your prey,
but for you, you sick man it's just another day.

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RRG (Rebecca)

Powerful and emotional Ben. Five stars. Blessings