Poem -

silent song.

silent song.

As the glitter turns to dust, 
the crowds start to fade. 
for once a little girl,
sang her heart away. 

Her family held on tight, 
they fought through the fight. 
When the doctor came outside, 
the silence broke the night.

For your precious queen,
as young as she seems.
She's suffered in a way, 
that only god could see. 

A beautiful soul.
a girl aged in her teens, 
whose voice broke on stage
for the whole world to see.

tears to fill the ocean, 
a soft driven motion.
a hand reaching out
but slowly she was forgotten.

words that were said,
that can't be taken back. 
girls dont understand,
how much they could impact. 

an empty bottle of medicine,
a life less body instead. 
for once this little girl,
lived a life of no regrets.

for she was so bright,
she lite up every night. 
no longer with us now,
her families heads would bow.

those hurtful selfish words,
that the girls would hurl.
for they never understood,
how much damage they'd caused.

one last song was sang
as she cried herself to sleep.
she looked at the crowd, 
as she began to weep. 

she hung her head in sorrow,
as she headed out the door. 
entered her own room
thanked her mum for all. 

That night frozen in time,
like it happened not long ago.
a broken hearted family 
filled with much sorrow. 

for those words that she sang, 
were her cries out for help.
no-one took much notice
because of her beautiful smile. 

hidden behind beauty, 
stage lights and talent. 
this once warrior princess 
was bullied beyond comparison. 

She dealt with what she could, 
she sang with all her might,
but that one last perfomance 
was her one last fight. 

a mother without a daughter 
a father with out his love 
a brother with no sister 
and a girl who lost her life. 


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Simon Bromley

What an awful time for you all and yet beautifully written with sorrow. Such pain and honesty.  Well done. 


Wow. This is beautifully written! It made me feel so many emotions and in my opinion, that's the aim of poetry. Congrats.