Poem -

Some call it fishing.

Some call it fishing.

This peaceful haven, a home from home.
It's early evening, I'm all alone.
The trees they surround me, the birds how they sing.
Such a comforting feeling which they all bring.
A continuous sound but relaxing all the same. It's warm and friendly nature.
Why would I choose to be anywhere else? Surely there is no place greater!
The odd hello, I can cope with them. I know they will not last long.
The voices will start to slowly deplete as the night time carries on.
My own thoughts I'm left with, I day dream at night. I become so relaxed I've just missed a bite.
To catch one's a bonus, not the true reason I'm here.
To see something of beauty a bat or a deer.
I will witness the sun lay down and then rise,
and the dreamy misty morning with my very own eyes.

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Hello Ben...

I don't get invited to go Fishing, anymore...

Many times I didn't set my Bait right or something and I'd get yelled at to stop feeding the Fish...

I would pull my Pole up and I'd only have the Hook after an hour...


​​​​​​It is very Peaceful indeed!

Great write!

Thank you for sharing...




Ben Devlin

Ha ha. Yeah I’ve been there too!