Poem -



Beatific is the way it felt, that moment you finally get what you want after waiting so long

Like a child gazing at all the marvel and opportunities in the candy store

Enamoured by his smile and calm nature with curious eyes
Wishing he could read your mind
A head start he really didn't need
Can you keep a secret, it was already there

Enraptured in every word spoken and every moment, the way our bodies collide

Contrary to what I believe it to be, my curiosity is peaked
If the feeling is wrong so be it
I see things through to the end just to see

Soon something I prayed for, prayed for a while
Cool easing the moment a silly remark a cute smile

Embodiment when we connect, music to the ears
A fire, a complete take over

An outer body experience taking me into another world for a while I was no longer among the living

Floating away into the soon, containing the excitement of what's going to happen next

Focused on needing it all

Next time it will be a longer ride full of the hearts deepest desires

Soon will forever be my weakness

Give it a chance, see it through

You never know what soon can turn into

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