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Souls Intertwine

Souls Intertwine

Allow me to peek through the windows of your soul.. Finding the essential wholeness through the unfolding of your thoughts brought by the lost origins of the.. Mind. I'm trying to find the core of your thoughts as I comply to your expressions as the impressions of the mind has given me an impression of your hearts discretion.. Listening to the confessions of lessons brought through the studying of repressions that were once disclosed but now unfolds itself through the manifestation of the.. Tongue. I'm hung by the very thought of you as I'm sprung on the appeal of the points of view in which you guide me through a journey that isn't seen.. But felt. My eyes listen to interpret the language the body speaks as a part of you is kept in the heart as it adapts.. To love. I want to undress your thoughts and tap into the untapped source of your being.. Seeing you not as you are, but through the eyes of what you can be through the hidden divinity that rests.. Within you. The lips has concealed your truth for far too long and I admire this feeling that tends to be unsealing a form of healing that is of a foreign nature.. Your vibrations are a nurturing satisfaction to the natural selecting of our paths intersecting the realms of time as the directing of our subconscious guides us through the fates of our faiths.. Detecting the signs created through the astrological alignment of your symbolic frame of art crafted through the likeness of the divine and a masterpiece in the making as my breathe is up for the taking as the eyes are assigned to peek through the windows of your soul.. Collecting upon the recollecting memories in which you show the pieces of your heart within fragments in which I piece together to gain insight into the peaceful attributes of your being.. Capturing the frame of your consciousness through the many perspectives in which minds are capable of conceiving because believing is seeing your tranquility is relinquished upon the realization of reality being.. A figment of the imagination. You are creativity within the creative mind of the creator as you are created from the creation of light formed from darkness as the sun dies daily to give birth to the awakening of.. Your moon. It's strange the way spiritual embodiment's of the bodies that encompasses your heavens are void of distance and time as your expressions speaks of coexistence's of the heart and mind and it can only be defined after souls.. Intertwine.

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maurita boone

I love this, your writing is great. I love the way you expressed yourself. keep up the great work.!