Poem -

Stern Fathers And Gentle Sons

My grandmother use to tell me a story,
About a man who lived in Mayberry.
She said he was a man of old age,
And kept his wild dog in a darkened cage.

His wife was dead, she died at a jam,
And that old man still lived in a prum.
He was a slim man with grey hair,
That lived all his life with a trouser pair.

He had no daughter, only a slim niece,
From whom he'll demand a warmly kiss.
Her name, grandma said, was Drusilla,
But Fabian Framling will just call her Silla.

Silla had a friend who was called Fleur,
I learnt it was because her father was a French.
She will later become a fiancee to Allison,
Who was said to be Fabian Framling's son.

One day, grandma said, Allison fell ill,
And upon all medications he was weak still.
Doctors said he had taken in a nug,
He have been addicted to the drug.

It was said his lungs were affected by cigger,
And perhaps, will go mad sooner or latter.
This, to Fabian, was horror and terror,
Perhaps, the checkups were full of error.

Another madness was yet to arrive,
And to Fabian Framling its ready to strike.
Allison had contacted the terrible HIV AIDS,
Can you believe, said Fabian, all this.

But alas, it was true, Allisson will soon die.
Whether Fabian like or not, he must better cry.
And so bye and bye, the boy went away,
It was never believed how he went astray. 

Grandma said Allison was very gentle,
The type that drive train with hands on throttle.
In terms of greetings he will bow himself low,
And his walkings in town were always slow.

Fabian, in the other hands, was too rude,
He govern his house with his own rule.
And his rules, grandma said, were too stern,
Even the hens couldn't stay in thier wren.

So the years came bye, when Allison was fedup.
And every night he will secretly walk out.
That's how he end up meeting Fleur at a jam.
And the girl was seriously addicted to rum.

Not only that, she was HIV positive,
And her whole character was negative.
It was said that she forced Allison into sex,
I will really like not to talk about the rest.

So Allison's mother, Lavinia died at a jam,
And the boy too met his devil at a jam.
Then later he was found to die out of nug,
Because she was also addicted to rum.

But is that all, there may be more to tell,
And grandma said that was very real.
Fabian Framling was too stern,
Even taking the brooding hen out of her wren.

Stern fathers are too mad for gentle sons,
Its like guiding beautiful flowers with dirty fence.
You can't guide forever, it won't be true,
The romantic groom will surely break through.

Stern fathers are good for bad sons, no doubt,
But for gentle sons you must be sound.
Like my grandmum, I will a day tell my grandson,
About the stern fathers and the gentle sons.