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Taken Over.

Taken Over.

I'm thinking that "Control" got it's start in the world as a hard worker. No job too small, and no system to vast. All ya had to do was say the word and there was good ol Control, skipping breaks and picking up extra shifts. Control was contented to work alone, it's easier to keep everything in tip-top shape when there's no bumbling techs in the way complaing about the system and crashing servers with hack-job quick fixes. Control liked order. But, . . . Lazy was Control's GM. Lazy noticed Control's epic work ethic and began to sing his praises. A pat on the back and a request for his "shrewd eye" became a regular occurrence. Lazy figured that he could just keep giving Control extra tasks. Not only was Control basically doing Lazy the GM's job for him, he had caught the eye of CEO when he began to bring the firm new business and playfully named his system "CEO Control". CEO loved that and couldn't shut up about it at the steakhouse he and Control began to frequent after new client lunches became a two man task. Control had been advised not to disturb his GM with anything until CEO could acquaint himself with all of the new account holders. Meanwhile Lazy crunched some numbers,. . . very poorly, and hatched a scheme to fire some staff, "who were nonpaid interns at this point"

. . .He'd know that if he bothered to actually read Control's emails. . .

Anyway, Lazy figured he'd make a lil book brulee and cook up phantom surpluses in the budget to pocket some cash.
Poor Lazy, . . . He should be at home by now and not trying to explain to CEO that Control has become an unbearable tyrant who would do well to remember who his superior is. And he went on to say that Control must have run the guys in the office off with his rigid systems and impossible program requirements. And as far as the unaccounted for funds, well, That must be a clarical error or an oversight in some other department. CEO had hardly heard a word that Lazy had said. He was too busy flirting with the hostess from the steakhouse and securing their regular table. Little did Lazy know, but. . . CEO had known for a while now about the whole "intern-check-scam" because Control had noticed the discrepancy immediately and  tripled the amount to pad CEO's expense accounts, all while writing it off as "tuition reimbursement" and collecting a sizeable tax incentive to boot.  "Control runs a tight ship Lazy, You'll be kaput long before he'll even be pulled away from his station to hear your grievances. He hates being distracted, and, If I'm being honest, I'm finding it harder to justify your salary with all of the automation Control has introduced and strategically implemented, our business is basically turn-key."
Lazy was silent. . .
CEO continued and suggested that Lazy try to learn a thing or two from Control. But, as I said before, Control likes to work alone. 

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