Poem -

Thank You God

Thank You God

The feeling I got
When you held my hand's
I was shaking on the spot
You were a very happy man

The moment you said 'I do'
You said it alittle to fast
You were very eager, that, I knew
Out of all the other's, I know we will last

When I held your ring on your finger
I couldn't stop crying, I was choking on my word's
On my vows I couldn't help but make em linger
I'll tell you this, I had no concerns

Because with you, I'm the happiest I've ever been
You complete me through and through
Now our life together can truly begin
Baby, I'm very much in love with you

Honestly, it's kind of sad
You have to spend your life with my crazy ass
I told you that before, and you seemed kinda glad
Now you just have to deal with my sass

You told me so many time's before
That you love me for who I am
And that you love our family of four
I truly do love this man

After all we've been through in the past
We still managed to love each other dearly
Alot of people said we moved alittle to fast
But they say they can see our love so clearly

He is meant for me, and I'm meant for him
We fit together like Adam and Eve
Forever our love will be the opposite of dim
We will change the world, that, I believe

We are finally married
We will forever be entwined
After all this time, we have kept eachother steadied
Our love brings joyful light when combined

I gotta admit, he can be very cocky
But when he show's that heart warming smile
The day will never be rocky
His warm heart can be felt mile after mile

He truly is the one for this family
I have no doubt about that
It is no longer a fantasy

He love's me for all that I am
And I love him for all that he is
He has stayed, even when things grew tough, he held us together through it all.
​​​​​​That is the reason why he is the one meant for us.

All I can say now is,
Thank you God,
You've listened to my prayer's after all.