Poem -

That Ship Has Sailed

That Ship Has Sailed

A forlorn woman watched
Her lover sail away
There was nothing she could do
Nothing left to say
No heartfelt pleading gesture
Or convincing stand
Could have kept his wayward ship
Docked to her homeland

At his departure, 
Depression rolled into shore
In huge waves of torture
To haunt her evermore
She scanned the sea's horizon
In hopes of his return
The years yielded nothing
But a slow aching yearn

Her gaze remained on the waves
Churning memories
Feeling his goodbye kiss
Kept in depths of the sea
She craved past days of pleasure
With her perfect lover
Wet etched tears confirmed
She would accept no other

Though men tried to woo her
And came on bended knee
Their attempts were useless
Her heart stayed lost at sea
"Dear lady," they'd say,
"Why has my love for you failed?"
With disengaged eyes, she'd reply,
"That ship has sailed."

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Being Me

This tells of such a sad heart... It reads like a story... A very poetic one. I really love the way you ended this... I could see the man talking to her and her attention not on him. In my mind they were on a quayside and when she uttered those last words of the poem she was gazing at the sea's horizon. Fabulous poem x

Cherie Leigh

Hi Being Me....You have the scene interpreted just as I envisioned it too.  She is in this world but not really living anymore....Her focus on the sea and the impossible chance her lover will be back. She has no interest in giving love a chance again, and it is sad.  I like doing narratives that tell a story.  I am honored that you pinned it.  Thank you!  xo Love n Hugs  

Barry Childs

I've got a lot of catching up to do. This is beautifully simple and direct. Little in the way of metaphors, just a little romantic and mystifying. and fantastically poetical. These are the types of poems I long for but find difficult to write. I think that ship has sailed. Congratulations dear poet. You have the knack and skill to write in many styles.   Barry x

Cherie Leigh

Thank you, Barry. It's so nice to see you on Cosmo and my page. This poem is simple and direct...using an old adage that is true in many ways in life when an opportunity has passed and we cannot go back. Love being the hardest to let go. I hope you will be sharing your poetry on here because I appreciate your talents. Your ship has NOT passed..lol. Love n Hugs xo

Larry Ran

My Dear Cherie,

Your beautiful poem, reminded me of a movie I saw long ago, "The French Lieutenant's Woman", starring Meryl Streep and Jeremy Irons.  

Daily she stands on a cliff by the sea
Asking "When will my true love return to me"
For years she has watched the Sun rise and set
But her man has not come back to her yet

Other suitors, who know of her plight
Beg her and say "Let me see you this night"
To each one, it's "No", their attempts always fail
Her answer's the same, "That ship has sailed"

All my love,
Larry xxx

Cherie Leigh

Hi dear Larry.  I am not sure if I have seen that movie...but it sure sounds like one I need to check out!  I watched Wuthering Heights recently, and just cried....lol...I am such a romantic.  Your verses say implicitly my narrative's theme...Some loves are not easy, or prove impossible to forget and can haunt the soul.  Thank you for your great complementary verses.  Love n Hugs, xo

Richard Waters

" ON A STORMY SEA. " Obviously. If, this place, is any thing, to go by !!  :)
In the passionate embrace can be the lace, or laced. Darts, from a bow, straight to the erogenous zone, removing comforts. Beyond, death, probably. God, Eros, displaying wears, and cares, to cause effects, in the LONG term scenario. LISTEN TO THE HEART, whilst, time is available. Or, you could live, to regret, it. Just, saying.
How poetic is, that ? " Licence Revoked. " Not, so obviously, as usual ! FORM, rather than belief in CLASS actions, appropriated, for operations.

Cherie Leigh

HI Richard...I think in this scenario of my narration this woman only seas stormy seas, and the calm waters of life have passed...so she only looks to the past where her heart was last left.  I personally, do not see how holding onto the past will ever heal anything....and to live with regrets is no way to live at all.  You are funny.  xo Thanks for comenting. ;)  Love n Hugs

Cherie Leigh

Hi Marion...Thank you!  This was an older write that I reworked to put in my poetry book coming out later this year...and I am excited you pinned it.  It was worth breathing new life into it.  I like doing narratives.  Bless you. xo ;)