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The Artistic Angel

The Artistic Angel

The Artistic Angel

Mankind was bestowed nineteen years ago;
a boy from a few of true artisans, a family of
righteousness & calmness. For many – He’s a boy of
sublime. For the very few – He’s a man of loyalty.
Hell cries for so long for as only once in Time an
angel of art creates such awe that allows the Devil to
lie, behind stoned laughter, but cries flames by holy inspiration.

Journey He runs to & determination He inflicts with;
outer perimeters are marked by His feet, like
horses who seamlessly trot on a no man’s land.
Nations run with Him to a promise journey.

Times come & go, for Time itself is far too slow;
envisions are painted & drawn by a Man, who’s
eyes are the nexus of both His subconscious & His canvas.
To draw & to paint is His path for one’s dreamery – that runs like a
stallion, who roams with a pure, white soul & who prances on His canvas.

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Hello Everyone,

Β  Β  Β  I wished that my passion for writing had not made any form of curiosity though perhaps it did not. Today I am back to writing and back to read all of theses amazing and full-inspiring poets/writers on Cosmofunnel, and I am happy to be more apart this once more.Β 

Β  Β  Β  This poem up above is something I had written a few months back. Although I never believed my style of writing was freestyle, I decided why not and just give it try. I inspiration behind this poem was a good friend mine whom I wrote this for his birthday, so I appreciated that I could use my artistic ability in order to create a friendly present. And by far this is my favorite poem I have written to date.

Β  Β  Β  Β Again, thank you for making feel welcomed at CosmoFunnel and please, please keep on writing no matter how little or large you write down because gold came come in many sizes: both small and large.

Thank you,



Cleo Tomi Olajide

"Times come & go, for Time itself is far too slow;"
loved this line. Thanks for sharing. warm regards.