Poem -

The Coldest Season

The Coldest Season

The summer rains did gently fall 
The winter's flakes a madrigal 
But blooms of spring, they never came, 
And fall did replicate it's name 

Lonely bird, please sing your song 
For all the notes of peace are gone 
And life has staged a sullen tune 
A sadness as the dark, blue moon 

There is a place, beneath the sound, 
Where memories of a boat have crowned 
And there's a spot beneath the dirt, 
Which harbors life's most painful hurt 
The difference of their fates is clear, 
We ebb, and flow and flounder here, 
But when the ship has haste to go, 
It calmly takes it's place below 

Oh, dreary life of painful season, 
Forgive me if I ask your reason, 
But where does all the solace go, 
When we endure eternal snow 

I think I may have done so wrong 
To live within this saddened song 
I think I shall remain in cold, 
And hope that Satan yields his hold. 


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Jill Tait

Brilliant!!! Feeling abit chilly now lol Well Penned my friend x

A Lonely Journey

Thanks Jilly. It's still warm here, but sometimes life is still cold. Oh well, just a sad day. 
Thank you for liking my silly poem-type thingy's. 


Cherie Leigh

Hi Matthew....Whoa! This is morose and full of disappointment and heartache.  The saddest poems can be beautiful for their wistful tone.  Please do not live within that saddened song.  Find a new tune.   Would you like to borrow some of my more uplifting songs?  I do not understand why some of the most kind-hearted and gentle people suffer so. It is not fair.  But somehow those who suffer the most seem to learn endurance and become wise and compassionate to others who suffer, recognizing pain in others with empathy.  I see this in you.  It makes you write with emotional integrity.  I love your work.  Thank you for sharing. 
Love n Hugs, Cheerie  ;)  

A Lonely Journey

Hi Cheerie! 
Thank you so much, my ever-present, ever wonderful, encouragementalist. 
I will not live with that saddened song, I will definitely take one of your happy ones, but sometimes the sadness of life creeps in, and tries to bully the good thoughts away, and sometimes it works. It's a sad struggle, but maybe it's there so we believe. And it's soooooo true what you said about the gentle people suffering(I've seen it in so many), and it does make you a better person sometimes, oddly enough. You would think some people who only know heartache and pain would become hard, and angry, but sometimes it makes them more compassionate, and kind. It's really confusing, but I've found that I care more about others, and rarely about myself. Funny how life works. 
Thank you so much for always being encouraging, and caring. You're truly a wonderful person.