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The Destruction Of The Ego Mind

The Destruction Of The Ego Mind

Little do we know who is really at the wheel,
Controlling your life and solely responsible for how you feel.
Controlling the world on such a mass scale,
Choosing who wins and choosing who fails.
Only Free we are born and only free we will die.
What if I told you that is one cunning lie.

What if I change my diction from one of negativity to one of fiction.
It would be closer to the truth, this is merely a fact.
Imagination is your true freedom and your rightful path.
Let me explain how this works, first we must call upon your subconscious clerks.
As this truth I will share, you all ready know.
Now its time to feed it and watch it grow.

It comes from detaching brainwashing beliefs,
Created by the matrix to keep you attached to grief.
Imprisoned in a casket awaiting its cue, to lower you down to the underworld's pew.
Where you sit and you wait until your penance is through.

It is time to ask questions like why do we do this and really who for?
Who do we speak with when at deaths door?
The source has many names across all plains.
You choose your symbol, all represent the same.
There is one similarity across all religion.
That is the god that you worship, lives within.

It takes one leap of faith to take back control.
The wheel is for your hands and for yours alone.
I implore you to jump.
Peace is within your reach.
Don't practice what I say, practice what I preach.

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Edward Williams

I love it .. 👏👏❤️😊 thank you 
for sharing I’m gona Wright now cuz you told me to ... 

Jill Doherty

Lol I like a man that does what he is told :-) 
Thank you very much for your kind words!

Edward Williams

Lol your very welcome.. I have one half writin in tribute to you