Poem -

The illusion of love

The illusion of love

How my eyes deceive my mind
Seeing only what I want to see

For the illusion of my wants
Is covering up the views of life
As I believe a person to care
Who my heart aches towards

Or the believe no one cares at all
The world suddenly turns dark and grey
As I am deaf to the screams of love
From those who care

- Mia Terra -

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Tony Taylor

Hi MIA!!....this is a VERY compelling write in my most humble opinion.....it touches on apart of my belief system that I feel strongly about....when the mind creates that which it most desperately needs from its immediate environment.....and that usually happens when a person is experiencing extreme highs and lows in their life ~

               ~ "For the illusion of my wants
                   Is covering up the views of life..."

ALL STARS!!.....thank you for sharing this dear poet sister!!......LOVE & ROCKETS!!.......T xo 🐧❤✴

A Lonely Journey

Hi Mia, 
I agree with Tony above, that is a really intriguing, wonderful write! 
Makes you think, is heartbreaking, and nicely written. 

I really enjoyed that.