Poem -

The Lap Dancing Club

The Lap Dancing Club


(If you look for inspiration on the internet
Be careful what you find and what you get).

My friend and I needed money desperately
To continue studying at university
We could be two girls working at a local pub-
But with no vacancies there-
We ended up working
At a lap dancing club.

A brief interview and inspection:
We started work that evening:
Students working with other girls.
Cameras here and there, recording.

We thought we knew what we had to do
Men would come to relax and
Watch us dancing and undressing 
(Subdued lighting, music, sofas).

It was kind of demeaning
But all for money
We never guessed that there’d be
Anything funny.
Though the club sought repeat custom.
A fortnight passed
And a new girl started.

A couple of the men wanted to
"Get to know" the two of us better,
We were told,
But this was further than we were
Prepared to go- we were dancers-
Not whores.
We said to find other girls
But when it came to us we said
"Understand:  No".
The truth is we "disappointed" them.

Further “training” was deemed necessary
To make us change our minds.
Management forced the new girl
To strip naked in the club's basement
Where they said nobody would hear her shouts.

They got her on all fours on a bench
And tied her down.
Two dominatrixes wearing gowns
Took a cane and spanked her hard;
Spanking her again and again.
They made us watch the show.
Two men and two other
New girls watched on too.

The poor girl was quickly crying out loud:
Helpless and sobbing:
Unable to move, 
Tied and naked
With her head half- bowed.

She was soon in apparent agony;
Red marks of the cane
On her backside became plain to see.
Her tormentors made her count the strokes. 
(''You will count'').  10. 20. 30...
The strokes went on and on.

We could only watch on powerlessly:
A kind of speechless consternation.
They were in control, of course
And they taunted her
In her humbled situation.

And once they'd "temporarily" ended
Her miserable ordeal
We were threatened with the same
We were blackmailed and were forced
To play the men's manipulative game.

We forced into activity
Which demeaned and degraded us: 
(''Oral'' though few words were spoken).
We were used, degraded and humiliated
In that basement.

After this we all ran away from that place
With the tears streaming down our faces
Vowing never to go back again
To be mistreated in that basement den
Made to feel like bits of dirt:
Tied, exploited, caned and hurt.

They called us ''humiliated bitches''
(Labelled us "Humiliated Bitches")
And brought us to our knees;
Made us obey their instructions
And do exactly as they pleased.
We were suckers then.

I wonder now if it still goes on
To poor unsuspecting girls
Who never realise
When they get their jobs
That they're entering a
Murky and degrading world-
One in which they'll be trapped
Needing the money.

To this very day a cry of any kind
Brings memories of
The cries (and echoes of which)
I heard that night
Back into my mind.

MDC   Copyright.

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